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Managed Print Solutions


Outsourcing your print output (and potentially the entire document workflow processes) and consolidating all costs

associated with this into one single agreement will free up your time to focus your resources on your core business.

Cloudware in association with Concorde can offer you the complete Managed Print Solution.

Why do I need a Managed Print Solution?


Managed Print Services is the outsourcing of the management of all of your hardcopy output devices, eg. multifunctional devices, printers, copiers and fax machines. In addition, Concorde’s MPS can also help you meet the challenges of printing from the CloudManaged Document Services (MDS) take in a wider scope of services including document workflow and electronic document management. 


Typical MPS and/or MDS arrangements consolidate existing hardcopy output devices with new devices and software solutions into a single and easily manageable agreement. This agreement can be represented as a single or multiple ‘Cost per Page’ and based on an overall volume of impressions rather than the typical time bound agreements. 


You can expect. 

• Customised service levels suited to your individual needs

• Comprehensive set of management information with consolidated billing

• Agile document control and routing workflow systems 

• Continual optimisation of your print environment throughout the agreement life

• Additional services and software applications that can be added to your core feature set as your business grows 


Concorde’s MPS solutions are underpinned by our key software applications


Discovery and Design software helps us analyse and plan for the changes required in implementing your MPS

Print Management software manages the volume and nature of print and lets you authenticate users

Device Management software monitors and manages your print devices in an environment

Scan Routing software routes scans to your chosen destinations including network folders, email, workflows or fax servers

Printing from the Cloud

The Cloud brings a huge range of benefits to businesses but printing from the Cloud can be challenging for many existing print set ups. Concorde’s lengthy heritage in delivering effective print solutions makes us uniquely placed to help your organisation meet this challenge.

Better print management and cost control

Concorde will back up your Cloud printing services with a fully managed print auditing engine. Our managed print services will monitor your print output and give you the necessary information to manage and potentially reduce print costs in your company.


Fully flexible print system

It is essential to be sure that your printing is quick and effective while giving users the functionality that they are used to when putting your corporate network in the Cloud. Whether you want a simple user controlled print set up or a full rules based ‘follow me’ print solution with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support, Concorde can specify and deliver an appropriate and robust Cloud based printing solution 


Safe and secure printing

Concorde will make sure your print system remains safe and secure. We offer a range of options to control your print, from swipe/proximity card/ PIN or username to password access controls linked directly to your active directory (AD). Integrated USB card readers can turn your device into an access control system which may help you in reducing admin and potential hardware issues.  


Print from any device

There is a multitude of ways to integrate your devices which makes printing from your phone or tablet as easy as possible.  

All major manufacturers supported

At Concorde we have long established relationships with all major manufacturers including Sharp, Canon, Konica Minolta and Kyocera. We supply and support embedded 'follow me' print solutions from all of these suppliers as well as many other manufacturers.

Print Software Solutions

There are many ways of managing your print fleet to make sure you get the best return on productivity and cost. Multifunctional devices are one machine that can print, copy, fax and scan. If you add software solutions into the mix you can truly optimise the way that documents and print are handled within your organisation.

Automated solutions will speed up your workflows and allow you to access your information whenever and wherever you are while providing a fully secure audit trail. 

Concorde’s range of industry leading software solutions can help you achieve an exact fit for your specific environment.


Visibility of costs

Track your printing costs by device, user and department to give you a better understanding of your printing costs.


Manage your printing wirelessly 

If you are used to working from a variety of devices then our print software can help you manage the need for printing from any device to your existing print set up. 


Scalable and flexible

Build systems around the specific needs of your business that can grow as your organisation develops. 


Print securely

You’ll have secure printing from any device in your network and you can also add an extra layer of document security at the printer.


Save on paper

Set individual, group or departmental print quotas to manage your resources.


Tracked document usage

Implement a safe and secure audit trail of documents that are distributed electronically as emails or electronic faxes. 


Improve productivity

Automating workflows by incorporating physical documents can accelerate productivity within your business.


Reduced potential for lost documents

Capturing your documents electronically and delivering them to defined destinations means you’ll never be without your important data. 


  • UniFLOW: Canon’s integrated print and scan management has mobile printing capabilities and lets you print from any devices cost effectively and securely. 

  • PaperCut: Print auditing and silent print tracking that will help you cut the cost of printing and minimise your environmental impact. 

  • Equitrac: Control and manage your printing in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve document security.

  • Pcounter: Exceptional value through increased flexibility and productivity and dramatic cost savings.

  • Autostore: Server based application that captures processes and routes paper and electronic documents into your business workflow in order for you to eliminate manual document handling. 

  • eCopy: ShareScan works alongside your multifunctional devices to make your business more productive and cost effective.

Contact us to discuss our Managed Print Solutions today on 03333 700 775

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